May 24, 2020

Transformed by His Love
Sunday Sermon

- Fr. Dcn.Tikhon Cobb -


Today on the Sunday of The Blind Man the Gospel lesson comes to us from John 9:1-38. In this Gospel lesson Jesus gives sight to a man born without eyes by anointing him with clay made from the dust of the ground. Father Deacon Tikhon shares with us that this Gospel lesson as well as our most recent following Pascha help to understand that it is how we respond to Christ's love in interaction with Him that transforms and gives our lives purpose. Although we may not be physically blind each of us is spiritually blind at times but we should allow The Truth, who is Jesus Christ to transform us and shape our views. Our Lord is consistent in His Love for us but we are not in our response to Him. The blind man in today's Gospel continued to live out his life by professing The One who healed him and sharing the Good News to his community. We to can be transformed by our experience with Jesus Christ and share this experience through our words and action.

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Photography Credits: Beth Hontzas - Music: Presbytera Katerina Makiej