November 28, 2021

Gifts Offered for All
Sunday Sermon

- Fr. Dcn.Tikhon Cobb -

Today on the 13th Sunday of Luke the Gospel reading comes to us from Luke 18:18-27. A ruler comes to Jesus seeking the answer for eternal life and learns that his possessions are like chains binding him to this temporal life. Fr. Dcn. Tikhon reminds us that we cannot do anything without God and we should never be secure in ourselves or our possessions. In our preparation for the Nativity of Christ, the Church urges us to be grateful for our possessions as gifts from God that we offer back to Him for ourselves and the benefit of others. Orthodox Christians rely on God for security and guidance as we learn responsibility for our gifts and make them fruitful as an act of thanksgiving.

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Photography Credits: Beth Hontzas - Music: Presbytera Katerina Makiej